1[18A. Validity of loan or advance not to be questioned.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any other law for the time being in force, –

(a) the validity of any loan or advance granted by the Bank in pursuance of the provisions of this Act shall not be called in question merely on the ground of non-compliance with the requirements of such other law as aforesaid or of any resolution, contract, memorandum, articles of association or other instrument:

Provided, that nothing in this clause shall render valid any loan or advance obtained by any company or co-operative society where such company or

co-operative society is not empowered by its memorandum to obtain loans or advances;

(b) where a loan or advance has been granted under clause (3A) or under clause (3B) of section 17 or a loan or advance granted under clause (3) of section 18 by the Bank to any person has been applied by such person, wholly or in part, in making a loan or advance to any borrowers, any sum received –

(i) by the borrowing bank on account of bills of exchange in respect of which the declaration under clause (i) of the proviso to clause (3A) of section 17 has been furnished or in repayment or realisation of the outstanding loans and advances referred to in clause (ii) of the said proviso or in the proviso to clause (3B) of the said section, or

(ii) by the borrowing bank or any other person in repayment or realisation of loans and advances granted to a borrower out of funds obtained by it or by him from the Bank under section 18,

shall be utilised only for the repayment by the borrowing bank or other person, as the case may be, of the amounts due to be repaid by it or by him to the Bank, and shall be held by it or by him in trust for the Bank, until such time as the amounts are so repaid.]


1. Ins. by s. 8, Act 51 of 1974.