Returns to be submitted to the Reserve Bank

11. (1) Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 10, every miscellaneous non-banking company holding or accepting deposits shall submit to the Reserve Bank a return furnishing the information specified in the First Schedule hereto, with reference to its position as on the dates specified in the said Schedule.

(2)(i) Every miscellaneous non-banking company shall, not later than one month from the coming into force of these directions or from the commencement of business, whichever is later, deliver to the Reserve Bank, a written statement containing a list of:-

(a) the names and the official designations of its principal officers;

(b) the names and residential addresses of the directors of the company; and

(c) the specimen signature of the officers authorised to sign on behalf of the company, returns specified in sub-paragraph (1)

(ii) any change in the list referred to in clause (i) of this sub-paragraph shall be intimated to the Reserve Bank within one month from the occurrence of such change.