Holding out.

29. (1) Any person, who by words spoken or written or by conduct, represents himself, or knowingly permits himself to be represented to be a partner in a limited liability partnership is liable to any person who has on the faith of any such representation given credit to the limited liability partnership, whether the person representing himself or represented to be a partner does or does not know that the representation has reached the person so giving credit:

Provided that where any credit is received by the limited liability partnership as a result of such representation, the limited liability partnership shall, without prejudice to the liability of the person so representing himself or represented to be a partner, be liable to the extent of credit received by it or any financial benefit derived thereon.

(2) Where after a partner's death the business is continued in the same limited liability partnership name, the continued use of that name or of the deceased partner's name as a part thereof shall not of itself make his legal representative or his estate liable for any act of the limited liability partnership done after his death.