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About US

VS ASSOCIATES, a Company Secretary firm, is an eminent firm indulged into corporate and business advisory services with the span of more than 15 years. It was established with a view to provide Corporate Secretarial & Governance and other related consultancy services to clients. The firm also manages and take the plunge towards the matters involving corporate restructuring, SEBI and allied Acts. Our top-notch service range includes areas such as corporate laws, labour laws, special economic zones, real estates, and corporate transactional advisory. Our office is situated at Delhi, the governance capital of India. We have been offering our proficient services to corporate giants and listed enterprises in several sectors and are a sector agnostic Firm. The services of our Firm are utilized by several law firms and firms of Chartered Accountants and to the number of companies for various assignments. Further, we have our associations at various places across the country.

Vision & Mission

A firm to be progressively recognized for its quality, transparency, strong credibility, and impartiality and enhancing versatile competency for all its services.

To provide quality services within a fixed frame of time, and providing client satisfaction with utmost confidentiality, diligence and prudence.

Office Structure

The Firm comprises richly experienced, hardworking and knowledgeable staff and qualified Company Secretaries well versed with subjective and thorough knowledge in respective fields and approximately eight (may vary time to time) CS management trainees who are adaptable and well known with company law matters & their compliances, further a staff managing the office with Accounts and HR department. The firm is basically run, managed and controlled in the hands of honourable Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma and honourable Mr. Pawan Kumar Pawan addressed in the coming up sections.

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